Our Design Process

From start to finish, we love to see clients happy and enthusiastic about both the process and the product.

Our team at Texas Home Plans will take you from the glimmer of an idea all the way to an approved final plan of your dream home. You can start with a clean sheet of paper for your Custom Home, or begin with one of our many existing home plans and modify it to create your Semi-Custom Home. We’ll help you decide which is the best way to go in our Introductory Meeting. Then we’ll help get you there... in 6 steps!

Introductory Meeting

The first meeting is a time when you can begin to learn about us. We know that planning a home can seem to be a daunting challenge. Many times our clients are nervous. That is understandable. After all, a new home is a big commitment of time, money, and emotion. We want you to:

  • Meet us
  • Learn the process
  • Educate us about your ideas
  • Ask us questions

There is no charge–no obligation–no sales pressure. We simply want to make sure we can work together on making your dream home become a reality. It will be an enjoyable–even fun–experience.

Only after you are comfortable and we all agree to proceed, we prepare an engagement letter for you to review. Upon signing, you become our client, and our work begins!

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Texas Home Plans: 7-20-2019
Revised by Phil Houseal

Turn your dream into your home.

Everyone imagines their "dream home" - whether as a reward for a lifetime of hard work, or as a special place to enjoy life.

Texas Home Plans takes great pride and pleasure in helping clients not only acquire that dream, but also in making the process enjoyable and seamless.

Mickey Thompson, Chief Designer, understands that many approach the idea with some anxiety. After all, designing the "home of your dreams" is a daunting step. How do we articulate our desires? How do we communicate our ideas to the designer? What if we make changes in the middle of the process? Will the designer "push" their design on us? How are costs calculated?

The staff at Texas Home Plans has more than 25 years of experience working on 1400 projects with clients who have had the very same questions. With more than 750 plans online, they have encountered every contingency. They know how to help find solutions while creating a design that is uniquely you.

It starts at the top with Mickey Thompson. A master designer, Thompson also brings a lifelong background in architecture, contracting, and real estate financing. He understands not only the importance of aesthetics, function, and environmental concerns, but also construction, economics, and service.

It's that comprehensive attention to detail that sets Texas Home Plans apart. It starts with a proprietary questionnaire to help you focus on your preferences. They offer a site visit to adjust the home's orientation, taking into consideration sun angles, site elevation, and desired view. Then the staff stays at your side through every step of the process.

"For us, the most satisfaction in the design process is when the client becomes excited after seeing their dreams come to life on paper," Thompson says. "This is why we are home designers."

The proof that it works? Simply the number of builders and former clients who recommend Texas Home Plans to their friends and associates embarking on the same journey.

Let Texas Home Plans turn your dream into your home.

Design Steps
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Intake and site visit
1. Intake and site visit
Presentation Meeting
2. Presentation Meeting
Computer Drawings
3. Computer Drawings
Lighting and Electrical
4. Lighting and Electrical
Site Plan Presentation
5. Site Plan Presentation
Finalize Construction Documents
6. Finalize Construction Documents

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